4 Profitable Prospects for Spring Apparel Sales

Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means: new spring styles from ASI supplier Next Level Apparel! Get ready to start the season strong by presenting new and trendy clothing to the customers most likely to purchase.


Get To Know the Next Level Apparel Spring 2023 Collection

Prepare your sales presentations with these new women’s styles, as well as accompanying unisex options so you can provide any demographic with the latest trends.


NEW Spring 2023 Style: Women’s Cotton T-Shirt (3910)

Women’s Cotton T-Shirt (3910)

Thoughtfully designed with a relaxed fit, this style offers comfort and mobility while keeping a flattering, feminine shape.

Accompanying Unisex Style: Unisex Cotton T-Shirt (3600)

Unisex Cotton T-Shirt (3600)

Meet the ultimate classic tee. Inspired by the casual-cool vibe from California, this crowd-pleaser always makes a great sell.

NEW Spring 2023 Style: Women’s CVC Relaxed T-Shirt (6600)

Women's CVC Relaxed T-Shirt (6600)

Gentle contouring meets relaxed construction in this comfortable and cost-effective CVC T-shirt.

Accompanying Unisex Style: Unisex CVC T-Shirt (6210)

Unisex CVC T-Shirt (6210)

A trendy retail cut, superior softness and excellent breathability make this style NLA’s #1 best-selling tee.

• UltraClub Men's Cool & Dry Mesh Piqué Polo Shirts (A8210)

Featuring a modest crop length and a set-in collar, this soft and lightweight piece gives wearers a clean, yet relaxed look.

Accompanying Unisex Style: Unisex Festival T-Shirt (6200)

Unisex Festival T-Shirt (6200)

Ideal for sublimation printing, this durable and comfortable tee is the perfect choice for clients seeking vibrant, full-color graphics.


Prospect #1: Education

As the biggest market for promo products per the Counselor 2022 State of the Industry report, it’s no surprise education is a top prospect for apparel sales. Remind your clients how this sector often serves young demographics who care about the latest fashion trends. By presenting these customers new styles from a fashion-forward premium blanks supplier like NLA, you can stand out with your offerings and win their trust for future business down the road.


Prospect #2: Nonprofits

Spring is the season where fundraising and awareness events kick into high gear, as outdoor activities allow the greatest visibility for important causes. Because many of these events will take place outside, it’s important to present light and airy styles that will keep volunteers comfortable all day long. Don’t underestimate the importance of fashion-forward apparel for fundraising initiatives either. A sleek, modern look will represent your client’s cause well, which can result in more donations and volunteers down the road.


Prospect #3: Healthcare

Healthcare is the second biggest market for promo products per the Counselor 2022 State of the Industry report. Even better, this sector covers an expansive variety of businesses, from hospitals, doctor’s offices, private practices, surgery centers and more. These customers are always looking for ways to give back to their dedicated medical professionalsOn-trend apparel that keeps them comfortable during long shifts will accomplish exactly that. Ask these clients about spring events they have coming up on their calendar, as each one is an opportunity to thank employees while also increasing awareness about their unique practice.

Healthcare clothes

Prospect #4: Corporate

Businesses want to start the year strong in order to hit their quarterly and yearly goals. Trend-focused apparel is a savvy way to inspire staff to do their best while also promoting a strong sense of community and culture in the workplace. Emphasize to your clients the importance of the “casual” in “business casual”. With the rise of remote and hybrid business models, employees now prefer more laid-back pieces to formal workwear. NLA’s new spring styles combine comfort and quality for an office-approved look that’s also relaxed enough to wear at home.

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