3 Quick Tips for Premium Apparel Prints

There are many factors that can affect your ability to provide clients with consistent, high-quality decorated apparel – many of which are not related to your skills as a decorator or distributor, but rather about the apparel you’re printing on. Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) is here to share a few features you should look out for in order to achieve the greatest ease of decorating and the best end results possible.

1. Combed Ring-Spun Cotton

As cotton is a natural fiber, unprocessed cotton can contain small impurities in the fibers, such as small bits of plant matter or seed fragments. This creates not only a rougher texture for garments, but also a less consistent surface to print on, as those impurities can show through your client’s graphics and affect color saturation.

To avoid these challenges, opt for apparel made from 100% combed ring-spun cotton instead. Softer, more durable, and most importantly lacking those impurities found in unprocessed cotton, ring-spun cotton will provide you with a smoother and more uniform printing surface. We recommend NLA’s Unisex Cotton T-Shirt (3600)Women’s Cotton Relaxed Long Sleeve T-Shirt (3911) and Youth Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt (3311) for clients seeking cotton tees for their branded apparel, as all of these styles are made from 100% U.S. ring-spun cotton.

Combed Ring-Spun Cotton

2. 100% Cotton Facing

Not every apparel fabric is compatible with every decoration method. For example, polyester blends can create challenges for screen printing because of polyester’s tendency to cause ink migration when put in the dryer. Thankfully, all hope is not lost. Just look for styles that feature 100% cotton facing. This way, even if apparel fabric contains polyester, you’re decorating only on that 100% cotton outside layer, allowing you to use any decoration method compatible with versatile cotton fabric. We’re big fans of NLA’s Unisex Santa Cruz Sweatshirt (9003)Unisex Santa Cruz Pocket Sweatshirt (9001)Unisex Santa Cruz Full Zip Hoodie (9602)Unisex Santa Cruz Hoodie (9303)Unisex Fleece Sweatshorts (9903) and Youth Fleece Pullover Hoodie (9113) for fashion-forward fleece pieces that are compatible with many of the decoration methods your clients are after.

100% Cotton Facing

3. Current Color Trends

The color of the apparel you print on is important not only to ensure graphics are legible and look appealing, but also to help your clients convey they’re on top of the latest fashion trends. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert on fashion or color forecasting to make this happen for your clients. All you have to do is work with a suppler like NLA who regularly updates their assortment to feature the latest shades end-users want in their closet.

With a wide range of popular styles in an updated color palette that evokes the colors of natural landscapes, your client’s branding will stand out and look chic when added to these trendy muted neutrals. NLA’s Women’s Laguna Sueded Sweatshirt (9084)Women’s Laguna Sueded Sweatpants (9884)Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt (6010) and Unisex CVC T-Shirt (6210) are all excellent options that will appeal to many types of audiences and would be smart additions to your next sales presentation.

Trending Color Examples:

Trending color examples 9084


Trending color examples 9884