Affordable Apparel: How To Identify High-Quality Styles

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer your clients the best of both worlds for their promo apparel: affordability and quality? Thanks to premium blanks supplier Next Level Apparel, now you can. Set the most premium offerings apart from the rest by looking for these key features when presenting budget-friendly apparel to your clients.

Optimal Fabric Blends

One of the most popular affordable apparel fabrics is CVC jersey, which is made up of a blend of cotton and polyester. However, the exact ratio of cotton to polyester will vary depending on which supplier you order from. Many manufacturers use a ratio of 50% cotton/50% polyester to keep costs down. However, NLA has found that this combination creates issues (like too much gray showing through) while too much polyester makes apparel difficult to print on.

To correct this, NLA uses a blend of 60% cotton/40% polyester for the greatest appearance, softness and printability. Look for this ratio when selecting styles to ensure you’re showing clients the most impressive finished product that checks all the boxes without sacrificing quality for cost.

Unisex Cotton Ringer Tee (3604)

Did You Know?
NLA: The Original Creator of CVC Fabric

NLA is more than just a supplier of high-quality CVC apparel. In fact, they invented it! This premium blanks supplier has spent years perfecting their CVC fabric, now a beautiful soft blend of consistent heathered 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Not only is it soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, but this collection is also perfect for screen printing and heat transfer for outstanding decoration. You can order CVC styles from NLA with confidence knowing they set the standard for the industry at large and continue to lead on the latest trends and innovations.

Shop the CVC collection.


Trendy Heathered Options

Many cost-conscious clients assume that trendy apparel is out of their budget. That’s simply not the case. Just take a look at NLA’s CVC Jersey collection, which is filled with retail-worthy heathered styles just like those sold in stores. By providing your clients with on-trend looks for less, you’ll exceed their expectations on what they thought they could afford, positioning you as an indispensable part of their marketing strategy for future orders. Not only that, but on-trend apparel will be worn more often and kept longer, which means a greater brand reach for your clients. It’s a total win-win.


New Fashionable Styles

It’s not just trendy heathered fabrics consumers demand these days. Today’s fashion has shifted to include more unisex stylings, as well as relaxed, roomier fits. Make sure the apparel you’re presenting includes these modern-day details or risk losing orders to another provider who’s more on top of the latest fashion trends.

NLA has got you covered with their new CVC jersey styles: the 6211 and 6600. New this year, this unisex long-sleeve and relaxed women’s tee together speak to all demographics and will have end-users looking and feeling stylish without your clients overspending.

Unisex CVC Long Sleeve T-Shirt (6211)

At long last, NLA’s #1 selling fabric platform is now available as a versatile unisex long-sleeve tee.

Women’s CVC Relaxed T-Shirt (6600)

Thoughtfully designed with a relaxed fit and gentle contouring, this new women’s style speaks to current consumer demand.

Premium Details

When considering how affordable apparel fits and feels, it all comes down to the details. You want to show clients styles that not only look good initially but feel great when worn and will hold up after multiple washes.

NLA’s CVC Jersey collection contains all the bells and whistles you want to look for. Side seams prevent torquing after washing, while 1×1 baby ribbed set-in necks provide a premium retail finish. Highlight these features to clients during your calls and meetings to illustrate the high-quality garments they can get without exceeding their budget.