Athleisure Trends: Must-Have Colors, Fits & Performance Features

If there’s one promo trend that isn’t going away any time soon, it’s athleisure. Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) knows this, which is why they’re investing in their CVC collection and updating their athleisure offerings with the latest trends and colors. To learn more about the latest performance must-haves, we spoke with Taylor Young, Product & Business Development Coordinator at NLA, who shared with us the trends to focus on and exciting new offerings you’ll see later this year.

Group of young people sitting outside

Starting off our conversation, we asked Young to share any athleisure trends she expects to see evolving or become more commonplace into the future.

“The biggest one is versatility as well as multi-functional clothing. It’s a balance of comfort yet sophisticated details and fashion-forward cuts and colors,” Young says.

As for color trends, neutrals and earthy tones are the way to go. “My favorite thing to say is you can go from the Yoga mat to a Zoom meeting and then go out to eat without looking out of place,” Young shares.

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We then asked Young to share her thoughts about NLA’s CVC collection, which is filled with athleisure favorites like tees, tanks and raglans. Young explains how, as they like to say at NLA, this apparel collection is big on value and easy on the eyes. “This collection is also the industry’s favorite fabric blend, as it offers great breathability, shape retention and exceptional printability for an affordable price,” Young explains.

Finally, we asked Young about her personal favorite CVC styles. Be sure to present these performance styles to your clients to set them up with the most of-the-moment athleisure trends possible.

  • Unisex CVC T-Shirt (6210)
    Young couple outside a food & drink store“It’s our best-selling style. It has an amazing fit, the print results are always great and it has the largest color assortment in the whole NLA catalog,” Young says.
  • Women’s CVC T-Shirt (6610)
    Young ladies, one with a skateboard, walking“It’s one of my go-to ladies’ short sleeve tees. The 6610 has an amazing feminine cut and shorter sleeves, to give you an option that’s a little bit different from your everyday,” Young says.
  • Unisex CVC Long Sleeve T-Shirt (6211)
    Young couple outside a food & drink restaurant“This is a brand new unisex long-sleeve tee that we’re launching come Fall 2022. This one’s a no-brainer: it’s the same classic, relaxed cut from the 6210 with rib cuffs,” Young says.

And there you have it! Thanks to NLA, now you’re armed with all the info you need to set your clients up with the trendiest athleisure this year.