Battle of the Bands Merch: Next Level’s Inspired Dye Wins

Imagine you’re kicking off a band with your high school friend and couldn’t find a reliable printer to make your band merchandise, what do you do? One band decided to do it themselves. Meet Kevin Oakley and Shane Snodgrass, two musicians that founded Stoked On Printing back in 2009 with a vision to be reliable printers for high quality prints. Making their mark in Sin City – Las Vegas, Nevada, Stoked On Printing became one of the leading printers with a specialty in screen-printing, embroidery, and print-on-demand service.

Next Level Apparel and Stoked On Printing share the same values as forward-thinking companies with a mission to make the world a better place than we found it. “Something that we really like about Next Level Apparel is that they also make styles that are not your standard crew necks, like their Inspired Dye.” Oakley says.

Stoked On Printing took our Inspired Dye blanks to demonstrate their excellent craftsmanship with DTG printing. Our garment dyed collection is finished with unique pigmented highs and lows to create a faded look. Since vintage-inspired tees are a popular trend among band merchandise, it was definitely an homage to their humble beginnings and reminiscent of their shop’s incredible journey. This Inspired Dye line carries a vintage look on 100% combed, ring-spun cotton fabric with a smooth surface. It’s the perfect set up for Stoked On Printing to execute the best prints on soft and comfortable tees.

“Whether the project is large or small, we really want our customers’ vision come to fruition and what that takes is having good equipment and good apparel.”

And as consumers themselves, they know exactly what customers want and anticipate what they need.

“We want a smooth surface, great fit, great washability, and that piece of apparel to really last the test of time. That’s why we feel like Next Level checks all the boxes. And we’re always confident they’re going to be able to fulfill those orders,” Oakley says. Providing a deep inventory of our products, is another way Next Level gives Stoked On Printing the confidence to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Stoked On Printing’s outstanding service is thanks to an incredible team, top of the line machinery and premium blanks from Next Level Apparel. With styles like Inspired Dye, they can help their music industry customers create comfortable merch that fans can proudly wear for a lifetime. In addition, the confidence that they have in Next Level Apparel, reflects the faith that their customers can have in Stoked On Printing as they nail it.


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INKED: NLA Printer Series

We’re the experts on fabric. They’re the experts on printing.

Introducing INKED: NLA Printer Series, where we show off the amazing print work on our Next Level tees done by none other than our incredibly talented printer community. Stay tuned to see more behind the scenes of the best printing techniques for each NLA fabric.

If you’d like to be considered as a featured printer for our INKED series, please email us at with subject, “Inquiry for INKED Series”.