Behind the Scenes: The Magic Behind Marketing Promotional Apparel

Lights, camera, action … quiet on the set! If this sounds a bit like a scene from a motion picture, that’s because it’s not far from it. As Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) prepares for one of its latest photoshoots, the cast and crew are carefully selected. Everything down to the smallest details like, “what’s the music playlist for the day?” is taken into consideration. So many details go into the success of capturing the brand essence of NLA’s premium blank apparel so preparation time starts months in advance.

Photographer taking picture of a model wearing fashionable apparel

Photographer taking picture of a model wearing fashionable apparel

We virtually followed NLA’s Marketing Team throughout their photoshoot and were amazed by the amount of time and effort put forth into this type of endeavor, all in the name of providing their customers with high-quality imagery and digital assets to promote their products and drive sales volume.

We caught up with NLA’s VP of Marketing, Peggy Schulz, to find out exactly how much time and planning goes into such a production. Additionally, we wanted to know what the main considerations and factors are to produce the best results.

“It’s really more strategic than most people realize,” stated Peggy. “In addition to the campaign theme and the more obvious style selections, we carefully select the colors of each garment to shoot. Some colors are more photogenic than others. However, at the top of our priority list is making sure we have the best crew and cast. We won’t work with any models who are not a great reflection of our brand, and that goes way beyond just skin deep. They not only have to reflect our brand, but they also must respect what our brand stands for: premium-quality apparel that’s obtainable, relatable and thoughtfully designed with the decorator in mind.”

Young models wearing fashionable apparel

Young model wearing fashionable apparel

Peggy went on to say, “We never want to look like any of our competitors in our photography, videos and even our brand voice. We respectfully want to differentiate from our competitors and give our customers the opportunity to choose what works best for their customer base.”

It’s obvious that the beautiful, high-quality photography coming from NLA doesn’t happen by accident. So, what does Peggy say is the theme behind their latest shoot?

“Our last shoot was centered around refreshing our imagery for our top-selling styles and capturing our exciting upcoming new seasonal product launches. That’s as much as I can tell you at this point. The rest will be revealed when we launch our newest product in 2023!”