Capture Apparel Orders With Collegiate & School Spiritwear

Back-to-school season will be here before you know it, and all signs point to staff and students being able to finally return to campus. Expect to see an explosion in demand for education-related apparel, including needs such as collegiate wear, booster clubs, spirit weeks, new student orientations and so much more. Speak to the latest trends that today’s students demand in their apparel by recommending some of these popular styles from Next Level Apparel.

Retro Cool Styles

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With throwback and classically cool appeal, raglans and ringers are a top choice for the education market. These varsity-inspired shirts also fit right in with collegiate markets or K-12 school districts, thanks to their mass appeal for all ages. Retro-cool fashions are also all the rage in retail, making raglans and ringers a sure shot for education sales success. Look for styles that are made with 100% cotton like Next Level’s 3604, 3904 and 3650, as these can be printed with almost any decoration method. Or, opt for breathable tri-blends for super soft comfort.

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Athleisure Appeal

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When it comes to apparel trends, athleisure certainly scores an A+. Performance wear-inspired pieces have stepped out of the gym and are now the go-to staple for running errands, visiting friends, heading to class or studying up at the library. Make sure you include athleisure in your education sales presentations, especially for high school and collegiate markets. For this category, you’ll want to prioritize heavier-weight garments with quality construction like Next Level’s 2050, 2021 and 2022 for a gym-ready look that’s up for anything students get into.

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Fleece Favorites


No student’s wardrobe would be complete without fleece. What was already an essential in spiritwear and leisurewear has only become more popular with the advent of the “quarantine uniform” (aka matching sweatsuits). Next Level carries a wide assortment of fleece hoodies in both pullover and zip-up options. The best part? Your clients can choose from 16+ different colors to match school colors with ease without expensive color-matching fees. Pro tip: Consider using a different color for the inner lining and drawstrings to represent multiple school spirit colors on the same garment.

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Waffle Thermals

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Transitional pieces should be a top consideration for education as well. After all, the school year starts in the fall and ends around summer, covering all types of weather in that time. Waffle knits are versatile, lightweight garments that provide just enough warmth in chilly weather without the bulkiness of heavy fleece. Because of their retail-inspired design, thermals are excellent for selling in college bookstores and gift shops for students, staff and alumni.

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Inspired Dye Collection

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Speaking of fashion trends, be sure to check out the Inspired Dye collection from Next Level Apparel. These pieces all feature a garment-dye treatment that’s popular in stores, especially with the college market. Present this collection to sororities, fraternities, sports teams and clubs on campus for the greatest success, as these groups will appreciate its fashion-forward vibe. Even better, there are 12 popular colors to choose from to represent organizational colors on soft, lived-in fabric that gets even softer each time you wash it.

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Our final piece of advice for school apparel sales? Use the tried-and-true “Good, Better, Best” method. This is an effective way to always present clients with something they’ll be impressed by and can actually afford, which may currently be an unknown as marketing budgets are still in flux. To learn more and to get “good,” “better” and “best” product recommendations, check out our recent podcast here!

No matter which type of apparel your education clients are looking for, they’re sure to find it in the top-trending selections above. Good luck!