Get Ready to Inspire™ in 2023 With Next Level Apparel

A new year means new opportunities to impress your clients and strengthen business relationships. One easy way to do this is to partner with trusted suppliers who go above and beyond with their product offerings and services. You’ll be able to pass these supplier benefits onto your clients as well. LA-based Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) is Ready to Inspire™ with tons of competitive advantages for 2023. Let’s review the biggest benefits you can share with your clients and use for yourself in the year ahead.

Obsessed With Quality

The quality of the merchandise your clients purchase impacts their brand reputation. NLA understands this, which is why they obsess over quality so you and your clients don’t have to. This premium apparel blanks supplier is committed to ensuring the highest quality in every fabric they source, every cut they design and every garment they produce.

Purposeful About Innovation

In order to keep clients excited and continue to exceed expectations in the new year, your supplier partners need to strive for further innovation, rather than simply resting on their laurels. NLA’s design team, for example, is continuously testing new fabrics as well as more sustainable materials and methods so you can then share these new developments and offerings with your clients.

Passionate About Customers

NLA’s customers motivate them to do their best, serve with dedication, design with passion and source with purpose. They believe that when you and your clients win, everyone wins. As such, NLA is proud to offer a wide range of distributor resources you can use on your sales calls and in meetings to simplify the sales process and better educate clients. Take advantage of some of our favorite tools below in 2023 for the most up-to-date information, best ease of ordering and timely sales advice.


Committed to Their Communities

As we head into the new year, you can expect clients to care even more about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives, such as where their products are sourced from and what impact their manufacturing has had on local communities. You can let clients know that NLA believes the communities they work in are an extension of their own homes. Whether it be the place of business for distributors like you, NLA’s Los Angeles HQ or their global manufacturing facilities, NLA cares about having a positive impact on all of their collective communities. For example, NLA chooses supply chain partners with a demonstrated commitment to water conservation, recycling and waste reduction, as well as ensuring their Workplace Code of Conduct and the Fair Labor Association’s Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing are upheld throughout their entire global supply chain.

Take a look at NLA’s 2nd annual Beach Cleanup with Heal The Bay, one of their many ESG initiatives, in this short video.

By partnering with NLA, you’ll be armed with the greatest industry tools, information and unique offerings possible. Your NLA-inspired New Year’s resolution? To make your distributorship stand out from the rest and deliver on every sale you make.