Good, Better, Best: Make the Sale With Next Level Apparel

Next Level Apparel knows that all of your clients are unique. Your sales presentations need to speak to a wide range of considerations, such as different price points, end uses and decoration methods, to name just a few.

While leading supplier Next Level is known for their vast collections of versatile and trendy pieces, they’re making selling even simpler by zeroing in on a few popular styles you can present using the gold standard of sales tactics: the Good/Better/Best method. Discover which garments are the best choice, from businesses with small budgets all the way to corporations where marketing money isn’t an issue. Let’s begin!

Women’s Ideal Tee (1510)
Unisex Ideal Heavyweight Crew (1800)

Good screenshot

These two styles are prime examples of Next Level’s entry-point product offerings. Clients in this grouping are typically concerned with cost, so remember that they may not be used to premium apparel offerings that they may have believed to be out of their budget. Well, that won’t be the case anymore.

These two T-shirts feel great, look great and decorate great. The 1510 comes in a breadth of cuts with features like side seams and tearaway labels, giving it both retail and promo appeal. The 1800 is a similar tee, but it’s a bit heavier than the 1510 and hits more of the streetwear and workwear trend. While still being a tubular tee, the 1800 has the look and feel of high-end apparel. The result? You can provide clients high-quality items for low cost.

Unisex Cotton Crew (3600)
Unisex CVC Crew (6210)

Better screenshot

This grouping is for clients in the middle ground between being cost-conscious and demanding the best of the best. They want high-quality products and are willing to pay what they cost, within reason. For these clients, you’ll want to present sturdy garments that decorate well and last the test of time, yet may not have all the promo apparel bells and whistles possible.

These are the items that probably come to mind when you think of Next Level. That’s because the 3600 and the 6210 are the products this supplier built their business on: classic cuts, soft yet durable construction and 100% cotton (3600) or 60/40 blend fabrics (6210). Both of these styles are similar – they fit the same and they weigh the same, so Next Level considers them extensions of one another. Between the two, you’ve got over 60 colors to choose from and a wide range of styles, so you can’t go wrong including either option in your next sales call.

Sueded Crew (6410)
Tri-Blend Crew (6010)

Best screenshot

Last but not least: your high-spend clients. These companies demand the absolute best to represent their companies and are willing to pay what it costs to achieve that. Thankfully, Next Level has the right premium products to suit their needs.

For clients looking for luxury, consider the 6410. Made with heavy and silky soft sueded fabric, this tee is one end-users will be impressed with and will hold onto for years. It also comes in both solid shades or trendy heathered fabric, and its 60/40 cotton poly construction makes it a decorator’s dream. The 6010, on the other hand, offers a silky hand feel and drape, along with tri-blend construction that doesn’t sacrifice weight. This unique style is extremely versatile too, so it’s a sure shot for all types of promotions and projects.

Pictures simply don’t do these styles justice. Try to get samples in your clients’ hands to really convey the premium appeal of these high-end styles.