How To Decorate Fall Apparel Favorites

Creating fashionable fall promo apparel isn’t as complicated as you might think, especially with premium blanks supplier Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) by your side. Help your clients create on-trend looks for the season by following these simple steps and prepare to delight with impressive and fashion-forward finished pieces.

Young people wearing Next Level Apparel clothing

Step 1: Confirm Your Color Palette

First things first; we need to know what colors we’re working with. Ask your clients what artwork they plan to use as a starting point to determine which complementary apparel shades will work best with their graphics. Thankfully, NLA’s fall assortment comes in an expansive range of hues that evokes the colors of natural landscapes and offers a neutral backdrop for branding, giving you and your clients plenty of options.

NLA Fall 2023 Colorways

Step 2: Identify Your Ideal Outcome 

Every client project is different, so it’s important to identify exactly what your clients hope to get out of their promotional apparel. Understanding the nuances of each initiative will help you make smart choices for their branding or recommended styles in order to achieve common goals. 

  • Attract attention: Pair bright and bold graphics with neutral colors that will allow artwork to shine, such as Black, Heavy Metal, Lead, Natural or White.
  • Subtle style: For a more understated look, recommend your clients create artwork that’s just a few shades darker than their apparel pieces for an upscale and on-trend tonal appearance.
  • Premium appeal: We love NLA’s sueded styles like the Women’s Laguna Sueded Sweatshirt (9084) and Women’s Laguna Sueded Sweatpants (9884) for clients who want to convey a sense of luxury. The brushed “peach fuzz”-like texture of this fabric feels plush to the touch and conveys premium value from the second they’re in end-user hands. 

Step 3: Make Your Choice of Decoration Method

Last but not least, you need to decide on a decoration technique. You’ll be spoiled for choice, as NLA’s fall lineup can work with almost all of the most popular methods out there, allowing you to reproduce anything from single-color artwork to full-color graphics with ease.