How To Present Premium Cotton Apparel to Your Clients

When your clients request premium quality apparel, you can never go wrong presenting 100% cotton. Make the sale by educating clients on the most impactful selling points of this beloved and long-lasting fabric.

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100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton

There’s a lot to love about this NLA fabric assortment. Educate your clients on how 100% combed ring-spun cotton results in less impurities in the fabric, producing a cleaner and softer cotton that is less prone to pilling and provides a smoother surface for the best printing results.

You can also sell clients on 100% combed ring-spun cotton’s premium appeal. Not only does this fabric feature the strongest and finest yarn grown in the U.S., it also boasts prestige through its construction. It’s made by twisting combed cotton fibers into bundles, a more complex process than standard open-end or air-jet spun cotton methods. You can explain this to clients so they understand their garments are produced with care with no corners cut. After all, quality promo apparel all comes down to the details.

Lightweight Construction

Another fan-favorite quality of premium cotton apparel is how lightweight and breathable it is. While easy, breezy styles are popular year-round, they’re especially in-demand during the spring and summer months, making now a smart time to secure orders for this fabric collection.

NLA’s premium cotton apparel also releases moisture quickly, which is a key feature for promo apparel that will be worn outside during warm weather. And don’t let the lightweight construction fool you: these NLA garments are still extremely durable and will withstand plenty of wear and printing methods.


Fabric Fast Facts

  • Fabric type: Lightweight jersey
  • Fabric blend: 100% combed ring-spun cotton
  • Fabric weight: 135 g/4 oz.
  • Thread weight: 34 Single


Versatile for Many Decoration Methods

There are many different promo apparel needs out there, all of which require unique graphics and artwork. This is another area where NLA’s premium cotton apparel shines, as it can be decorated with a wide range of popular imprint methods. Let your clients know they have their choice of the recommended decoration techniques below, allowing options for everything from single-color imprints to full-color, complex designs.

  • Discharge
  • DTG (direct-to-garment)
  • DTF (direct-to-film)
  • Heat transfer
  • Screen-printing


Retains Shape Wear After Wear

For promo apparel to truly be considered high quality, it needs to hold up to many wears and washes. Unlike budget options which may fray or fall apart over time, NLA’s premium cotton pieces only get better with time.

Just how does NLA do it? All of their T-shirts have side seams which not only provide a more tailored fit, but also help to reduce torquing. On top of that, all NLA cotton shirts feature 1×1 baby ribbed set-in collars which give the necklines greater shape retention and recovery, wear after wear.


NLA Premium Cotton Picks 

Get started presenting your clients premium cotton apparel by including these NLA favorites in your sales presentations.

Unisex Cotton T-Shirt

Unisex Cotton T-Shirt (3600)

The ultimate classic tee, this California-inspired style will be a top choice for all types of clients and projects.


Women's Cotton T-Shirt

Women’s Cotton T-Shirt (3900)

Featuring a feminine fit and a casual attitude, this cotton staple is always in fashion.


Unisex Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Unisex Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt (3601)

Help your clients provide wearers with a classic everyday look that’s enhanced with elevated comfort.


Unisex Soft Wash Cotton T-Shirt

Unisex Soft Wash Cotton T-Shirt (3600SW)

Soft, broken in and slightly faded in all the right places, this cotton tee has retail appeal and nostalgic style everyone will love.


Women's Cotton Relaxed T-Shirt

Women’s Cotton Relaxed T-Shirt (3910)

End-users will appreciate the comfortable, relaxed fit of this cotton style that complements all shapes and sizes.