Make the Sale: How to Capture New Clients With the Reimagined Tubular Tee

While providing apparel for budget-conscious clients is certainly not a new challenge distributors face, 2020 has made this scenario the norm rather than an occasional obstacle. With the economy in flux, many businesses are tightening their wallets and reducing their ad spend to stay afloat. As a result, many premium apparel brands that used to be mainstays in sales presentations are being passed over for more cost-effective offerings. Unfortunately, that also means clients have been settling for lower cost – and often lower quality – garments.

That changes now, with the Unisex Ideal Heavyweight Crew from Next Level Apparel.

Next Level Apparel Teens

For years, Next Level Apparel customers had been asking for a unisex T-shirt that boasted both a retail look and fashion fit, but at a value price point – something more in line with the heavier weight tees today’s consumers are increasingly gravitating toward. The goal? To get apparel customers out of the traditional “mills” and into a premium brand without breaking the bank. Next Level Apparel had already helped popularize the lightweight, fitted T-shirt styles that dominate the retail and fashion landscape, but now customers were looking to the supplier to lead the next evolution: price-friendly premium tees.

The Unisex Ideal Heavyweight Crew accomplishes that goal and more. Dubbed “The Shirt for Every Economy,” this innovative tee fulfills the need for a fashion-forward tubular T-shirt that any company can afford. Inspired by Next Level Apparel’s roots in Southern California surf and skate culture, this tee features 100% cotton construction, hemmed sleeves and drop shoulders for an ideal fit, plus a focus on printability (DTG, discharge and screen printing are all excellent options). Start outfitting clients new and old with a premium, price-friendly T-shirt using the simple sales strategies below.

Next Level Apparel Teens

• Appeal to Price-Conscious Clients

For many clients, budget is quite literally the bottom line when deciding to whether to place an apparel order or not, especially this year. Speak to these clients from a place of compassion for their limitations but explain how this premium T-shirt is more price-friendly than they think and provides all the premium benefits they were hoping for.

• Focus on Fashion-Forward Features

One of the main benefits of upgrading from a basic apparel provider to a premium brand is incorporation of fashionable elements. While entry apparel suppliers are mostly focused on cost, premium brands like Next Level Apparel work in inspiration from the world around them. The result is a style revolution that transcends its skate and surf origins to become a true lifestyle piece: a T-shirt designed with a streetwear fit and workwear function.

• Take Advantage of New Trends

Everyone wants to stay on top of the latest trends, especially in the fast-paced world of fashion. Highlight how this game-changing tee is brand new to the industry and how taking advantage of it now can set your clients apart from their competition. Businesses that want to be “in the know” on the latest apparel trends will be eager to invest.

“The 1800 has been worked on now for quite a few years,” says Eric Simsolo, director of business development for Next Level Apparel. “It’s the tubular shirt that everyone is familiar with the idea of, but it’s the transformation of it. It’s a new version of it.”