Make the Sale: Sustainable Activewear

Consumers care about how their clothing is made. While in the past sustainability or eco-friendly features were considered nice perks, now they’re pretty much expected – especially with younger audiences. 60% of millennials say they want to shop more sustainably, per a recent Fabrik survey. Similarly, 62% of Gen Z respondents stated they prefer to buy from sustainable brands, per research by Forbes. Considering the fashion industry accounts for slightly over 8% of the entire world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to a recent Quantis study, sustainable clothing is the product category you need to know if you want to appeal to modern-day end-users.

Next Level Apparel understands this demand for sustainability, which is why they’ve made it their mission to deliver high-quality performance wear to the promo industry that’s also sustainably made from recycled materials. This was the inception for their partnership with Unifi, one of the largest producers of polyester fabrics and textiles. With the mission to “make everyday life better by transforming the world’s products through sustainable innovation,” Unifi developed the sustainable performance fiber called REPREVE® – the gold standard when it comes to recycled fibers, and the very same that Next Level Apparel uses to create their sustainable activewear line.

So, what are these sustainable styles and their key selling points? We’re glad you asked. First up is the Unisex Eco Performance Tee (4210), based off the best-selling Unisex CVC Crew (6210). Next Level took the fan favorite 6210 and recreated it using recycled polyester and REPREVE® fibers. All of the polyester in this 60/40 cotton poly blend is recycled, while half of the cotton is recycled from scraps as well – ground down, spun into thread and then reused to reduce waste. In fact, the majority of fabric scraps from Next Level go right back into the 4210, drastically reducing this supplier’s impact on the planet while providing your clients with impressive performance wear at the same time.

Young couple in sustainable activewear

Next Level didn’t stop there though. Now you can also provide sustainable performance tees to the whole family with the addition of the Women’s Eco Performance V (4240) and the Youth Eco Performance Crew (4212). All of these styles are lightweight, moisture-wicking and of course made with recycled materials for eco-friendly appeal. Next Level carries deep inventory of all their Eco performance styles too, so you can feel confident presenting them to your clients knowing they’ll be available and delivered on time.

Kids in sustainable activewear

Speaking of clients, there’s no shortage of industries or business types you can present sustainable activewear too. Think beyond just gyms and fitness studios (although they are big buyers!) and consider events like concerts and music festivals. Next Level is proud to provide these performance styles for some of the biggest names in pop and rock music for their tour merchandise. Or, think about any sector with environmental concerns, including zoos, aquariums, wildlife reserves, national parks or even corporate clients implementing sustainability goals and initiatives this year.

Now available nationwide in a wide range of colors, sustainable activewear is the fashion of the future – and Next Level can help you pave the way to help our planet and provide companies with the best promo apparel possible.

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