Next Level Apparel Now Manufacturing Masks for the US Government

When the White House announced an urgent need for medical-grade masks to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, promo apparel suppliers such as Next Level Apparel sprang into action. Led by Parkdale Inc., the largest yard spinner in the U.S., a handful of American apparel manufacturers answered the call by ramping up the production and delivery of face masks for hospitals and healthcare workers on the front lines.

So how does it work? Apparel companies such as Next Level Apparel have begun manufacturing surgical-grade face masks using a proprietary fabric and a chemical finish that is both FDA and HHS certified. This is big news, as this initiative is the only program of its kind to get both FDA approval and HHS certification through FEMA, ensuring that all masks produced are up to the task to protect our essential workers as they fight to keep us all safe.

Next Level Apparel Factory

Once masks are made, this coalition of companies then works directly with Dr. Peter Navarro, assistant to the President and director of the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, who assists in getting the masks into the national stockpile being distributed by FEMA. Once added, FEMA then determines where the masks will be sent based on need. Finally, the U.S. Postal Service then delivers the masks directly to those selected.

“As a part of our responsibility to be good corporate citizens, Next Level is proud to be dedicating our resources and manufacturing capabilities to help our country in this time of crisis.” said Joe Simsolo, Next Level founder and CEO.

As for this crucial initiative, help is already on the way. Next Level Apparel is proud to announce that production is in full swing and deliveries have already begun. According to the coalition, once this initiative reaches full capacity, it’s expected to produce up to 10 million face masks per week, putting plenty of life-saving medical gear into the hands of people who need it most as we face this outbreak together.

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