Next Level Apparel Printer Series Featuring Stoked on Printing

What first began as a quest for better band tees has now grown into a booming custom apparel business. Co-founded by Kevin Oakley and Shane Snodgrass in Las Vegas, Nevada, Stoked on Printing was created by the two friends in high school when they wanted to print some branded merch for their band. Much to their dismay, they found that their initial supplier wasn’t reliable, nor did it provide the apparel quality they’d expect for the price. The only solution? To create their own custom apparel printing company, and to do it even better.

Flash forward to today, where Stocked on Printing is known for their cutting-edge equipment, superior craftsmanship and unmatched apparel quality. One secret to their success? Their partnership with Next Level Apparel, from whom they source plenty of inventory from to fulfill orders for their clients.

Next Level Apparel

Why Next Level Apparel garments instead of other suppliers in the industry? According to Oakley, it all comes down to the product. When sourcing apparel blanks, Oakley looks for a comfortable fit, great washability, a nice surface to print on and apparel that will withstand the test of time – and Next Level Apparel products check all of those boxes and more. By working with Next Level, Stoked on Printing was able to reduce stock and quality issues while also increasing customer satisfaction and their own confidence in the products they’re putting out. It’s a win-win for everyone.

There are three Next Level products Oakley recommends the most for his clients, each for their own unique reasons. First off, the Unisex Cotton Crew (3600), due to its affordable price point and super soft 100% cotton construction. Next, the Unisex CVC Crew (6210), as its part-polyester construction allows for excellent longevity in the fit and washability. Finally, for clients looking for the best of the best, Oakley recommends the Tri-Blend Crew (6010), a premium option perfect for high-end brands.

Next Level Apparel

There’s one more trendy garment collection on Oakley’s radar, too: Next Level’s Inspired Dye collection. This throwback grouping of garments are made with a garment dye process that results in lived-in, vintage looking tees. They’re the perfect promo apparel styles to cash in on the nostalgia craze taking over retail.

Inspired Dye by Next Level Apparel

And as for what orders Oakley fulfills the most with the Inspired Dye collection? Band tees, of course.