Next Level’s 1800 Tubular Tee Offers Best Price Point for High End DTG Printing

We’re thrilled to have Pacific Sportswear as our first featured printer of our new INKED: NLA Printer Series! One of the largest screen-printers in the United States’ northwest, a typical work day at Pacific Sportswear is cranking out an average of 20,000 prints to their customer’s satisfaction. Mark Winward, Owner of Pacific Sportswear, gave us an insider look on their impressive digital squeegee printer and stressed how important it is to work with great high quality fabric like Next Level Apparel’s to produce amazing high end prints.

They demonstrated Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing on our 1800 Ideal Heavyweight Crew, “the 1800 is a great price point and gives us that great platform” to make more photorealistic prints for today’s sophisticated businesses. And by working with Next Level’s operational efficiency, it becomes easy to meet their customers’ deadlines and consistently delivering their mission statement and vision of exceeding customers’ expectations.

“You can’t print on crappy fabric.”

Not only is retail-quality important but so is the printability. “You can’t print on crappy fabric,” says Mark. He noted that Next Level Apparel delivers with their 1800, a reconstructed tubular blank tee. Its 100% ring-spun cotton and natural bounce is perfect in printing high quality graphics and performs with great durability. It’s the best entry-level blank t-shirt for a premium brand. At such a great opening price point, we’re honored to have our 1800 Ideal Heavyweight Crew as the foundation shirt for Pacific Sportswear going forward.


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INKED: NLA Printer Series

We’re the experts on fabric. They’re the experts on printing.

Introducing INKED: NLA Printer Series, where we show off the amazing print work on our Next Level tees done by none other than our incredibly talented printer community. Stay tuned to see more behind the scenes of the best printing techniques for each NLA fabric.