NLA’s New Universal Product Labels & Craft Shipping Cartons

We all want promo orders to be fulfilled seamlessly and sustainably, whenever possible. However, as any promo professional will tell you, that’s not always the reality, despite everyone’s best efforts. Thankfully, there are suppliers like Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) who are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the order fulfillment process and reduce their carbon footprint all at the same time. Let’s take a look at two recent changes NLA has implemented to make fulfilling apparel orders easier – and greener – than before.

New Universal Product Labels

The key to ensuring the correct products arrive on time without errors? Accurate product identification. Enter: NLA’s new universal product labels that allow for greater accuracy and traceability of product. The new neck labels are globally compliant and will include the style number for easier identification. And of course, as you can expect from this premium blanks supplier, the labels are now in one easy tear-away location in the neck. These updates make it easier for everyone throughout the order fulfillment process to make sure the correct products are being shipped where they need to go, so you’ll encounter fewer setbacks and enjoy a smoother process when selling promo apparel.

“We’ve upgraded our labels to be globally compliant. And most importantly, we’ve also added a tracking label showing the style number for easy product identification by our customers. As always, our garment labels tear away with ease for customer rebranding and label customization options.” Caius Olowu, Director Design of Merchandise & Pre-Production at Next Level Apparel

New Craft Shipping Carton

Let’s talk sustainability. Introducing NLA’s new craft shipping cartons, which are now used to identify products containing 100% U.S. cotton. Not only are these containers recyclable, NLA also encourages their partners to repurpose these cartons when shipping orders to end-buyers to cut down on excess waste even more. The single-scan carton labels also allow for easy content identification on what’s inside. Similar to the new universal product labels, this helps to minimize mistakes and ensure that the correct orders end up where they’re supposed to go. Last but not least, you’ll also find that the outside of the cartons are decked out with NLA’s brand story: explaining values like NLA’s commitment to ethical standards, passion for their customers, and drive for sustainability and responsibly sourced materials, all of which will make your clients feel good about their apparel investment.

“Our new shipping cartons created a new branding opportunity to tell our NLA DNA story, support our brand values and reinforce our ethos with messaging about our responsibly sourced fabrics, including 100% U.S. cotton and recycled polyester. Most importantly, the new design, craft carton color and single-scan shipping labels will help our customers easily identify the contents and use of 100% U.S.-grown cotton.” Peggy Schulz, Vice President of Marketing at Next Level Apparel