Qmulative Discusses Fashion, Business and Next Level Apparel

Meet Quinlan, the founder and creator of Qmulative, an Arizona-based company taking the industry by storm. They’re best known for their appliqués and avant-garde style for the urban-based individual. Next Level Apparel has had the pleasure of working with Qmulative at recent trade shows, providing an onsite sewing experience for customers. They thrive on aesthetic and function. It’s all about the experience.

Next Level Apparel Model

What inspired you to start Qmulative? QMULATIVE started as an online feed covering my interests: skateboarding, the automotive scene, hip-hop, fashion and street art!

What’s the story behind the name, Qmulative? I just spelled cumulative with a “Q” because my name is Quinlan, but it worked out nicely given everything that my lifestyle brand embodies.

How long have you been in business? Product since 2012, been taking it more seriously since getting on board with Phoenix Fashion Week (Summer 2017).