SALES GUIDE: Speak to Modern-Day Demand With Soft Wash Promo Apparel

Let’s talk about soft and broken-in apparel, the blast from the past currently taking over the promo scene. Learn why lived-in looks are trending and which nostalgic selling points to emphasize to clients looking to purchase, plus our #1 favorite style to showcase today.


Soft & Nostalgic Apparel Is Back in Demand

So why is old-school apparel so popular with today’s audiences? It turns out there’s a lot to love about vintage-inspired styles!


Gen Z interest in throwback styles
This age group’s preferences have a huge influence on current fashion trends. Growing up in the digital age, Gen Z enjoys how soft, old-school looks provide a sense of nostalgia and a connection to “simpler days” of the past, which results in a feeling of calmness and comfort that can be associated with your client’s brand.

Increased desire for comfort post-pandemic
Along with many other lifestyle shifts, the pandemic gave us all a new appreciation for comfortable clothing. The rise in remote work led to the realization that we can be both productive and comfortable, not just one or the other. This change shows no signs of going away, making soft and cozy clothing a necessity rather than a nice perk.

Preference for unique and one-of-a-kind styles
The volatile economy caused by the pandemic was followed by a rise in fast fashion, largely due to its affordable prices. However, consumers are now straying away from mass-produced items and are instead gravitating toward unique apparel that allows wearers to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. Soft and timeless clothing often features unique characteristics across garments that make each one unlike the rest.

Clothing that already looks and feels broken-in
In the same vein as comfort, super soft, lived-in apparel is a must for today’s consumers. This is another area where throwback-inspired clothing shines, as it’s broken-in construction looks just as good as it feels on the skin. Wearers also won’t have to go through the time and effort to get their garments to that perfect “worn-in” feeling – they can enjoy that quality right from the first wear.

Sales Opportunities for Soft Wash Styles

While soft and broken-in apparel is popular across many sectors, keep an eye out for these lucrative project types that are especially fitting for this trend.

Stonewash Denim shirt
Royal Pine shirt
dj icon

Concert and music festival merch
Lived-in apparel will hit all the right notes for music event merch that needs to have that “retro concert tee” vibe.
graduation cap

Collegiate wear
Current students, staff and alumni alike can all experience that feeling of throwing on a well-loved and worn-in college shirt, thanks to soft wash styles.
award icon

Classic athletic apparel
Not only great for recreational and local leagues, soft and broken-in apparel is also perfect for long-standing teams that want to convey their proud history and longevity.
non-profit icon

Nonprofit volunteer events
When a nonprofit’s promo apparel is comfortable, end-users will wear it around town so the cause will be seen by many. (Plus, they’ll be more likely to donate their time and money.)

Kind to the Skin
Made from premium and super-soft combed ring-spun cotton, NLA’s Soft Wash garments are great to wear and never feel rough or cause irritation. They’re also made from midweight, preshrunk fabric, so those qualities won’t go away after many wears and washes.

Kind to the Earth
NLA’s proprietary Soft Wash process uses less water and fewer chemicals than many other common options, such as garment pigment dye processes. This results in a smaller carbon footprint that your clients can feel good about.

One of a Kind
When it comes to NLA’s Soft Wash Collection, imperfection is perfection. The different markings on these beautiful garments make each piece unique. Your clients will get one-of-a-kind shirts that make a statement about their brand and stand out from other styles in the marketplace.

Fan-Favorite Soft Wash Style

Introducing our favorite retro-cool tee, brought to you by the style experts at NLA. Excite your clients with this soft wash style and stay tuned for more pieces to be added to this collection next year.

Unisex Soft Wash Cotton T-Shirt

Unisex Soft Wash Cotton T-Shirt (3600SW)

Soft, broken-in and slightly faded in all the right places, this soft wash tee is sure to become recipients’ new #1 go-to top.