Sueded Fabric, Explained: What Is a Peached Fabric?

Do you know what sueded (also known as “peached”) fabric is? If not, it’s time to get up to speed. This super trendy and oh-so soft fabric is all the rage in retail and making its mark on the promo industry as well. Consider this your comprehensive guide to this unique and innovative fabric. We’re breaking down how it’s made, what makes it so great and which sueded styles you can start selling immediately.

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How It’s Made

Next Level’s sueded fabric is made using a unique 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend. Once the fabric is woven together, it goes through a special “peaching” process where the microfibers are brushed to create a peach fuzz-like texture similar to velvet. The end results? A surprisingly soft and unexpected hand feel, an airy structure that gives sueded garments lots of body and a super soft texture no other fabric can compare to.

Sueded snow T-shirt

Key Selling Points

Next Level’s Sueded Collection is made using their super soft, buttery fabric that has a unique brushed finish. Not only is its velvety feel sure to wow both clients and consumers, it also prints like a dream. This fabric uses a proprietary weave that results in a tighter knit, ultimately allowing you to do both high- and low-density prints. In addition, its processed structure provides a softness similar to flannel, yet without the pilling flannel is known for. Finally, don’t forget about retail appeal! For clients looking for the trendiest and most “of the moment” fabric, sueded is just what they need.

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Decoration Options

Perhaps one of the best parts of sueded and peached fabric is its printability. While you might assume such a unique material has limited printing options, Next Level expertly engineered their sueded fabric so that wouldn’t be the case. Steer budget-conscious clients or those only requiring single-color imprints in the direction of screen printing. For customers looking for bright and bold graphics, heat transfer is the best option. Either way, when you order through Next Level you can feel confident that apparel decoration will always be crisp, high-quality and long-lasting.

Sueded snow T-shirt

Style Recommendations

Ready to start selling soft sueded styles? Next Level Apparel has you covered. Check out their full Sueded Collection to find the ideal garments for your clients. From T-shirts to long sleeves to hoodies, you’ll find all the most popular silhouettes in this collection. Our favorites? The Unisex Sueded Snow Crew (6407), which features a unique blizzard snow effect and comes in trendy heather speckled hues. The Sueded Long Sleeve Crew (6411) is great for clients who want a little extra coverage. Last but not least, the Sueded Zip Hoody (6491) boasts both cozy comfort and streetwear style, making it an excellent high-end hoodie option for work or play.

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