The Cozy Edit: How to Sell Loungewear Blanks Ready to be Branded

Before 2020, loungewear was for just that: lounging. As long as items were comfortable, they were good enough for wearing around the house. However, that all changed once social distancing and stay-at-home orders took hold last year. Consumers began demanding comfort for all of their apparel, which continues to this day, whether they’re running errands, working out or heading out on the town to socialize. Suddenly, loungewear stepped off the couch and onto the streets, changing our perspectives on where comfort can travel – and making us question why we settled without it in the first place.

Now, loungewear is the hottest apparel trend you need to know, as the “quarantine uniform” is certainly here to stay. With fall and winter right around the corner too, now’s the time to get up to speed on the most popular loungewear styles your clients will love and end-users won’t be able to stop wearing. Next Level Apparel has all the premium picks at affordable prices, so you can start fulfilling loungewear orders today.

Loose & Relaxed Fit

Young woman in relaxed-fit clothes

  • Women’s Roll Sleeve Dolman (6360)
    Your classic loungewear tee just got a trendy upgrade. Point out this top’s fashion-forward details during your sales presentation, such as its rolled sleeves and curved hem. These elements give this dolman an innovative and fresh feel, making it much easier to sell than your standard T-shirt.
  • Women’s Ideal Flow Tee (1530)
    This flowy and comfortable tee is super comfortable and looks great on all shapes and sizes. Its loose and relaxed fit makes it great for all body types, and it also comes in XS – 2XL. This flowy tee doesn’t have a boring, boxy fit either. Instead, it features a drop tail and won’t ride up when worn.
  • Women’s French Terry ¾ Raglan (6951)
    Your clients might need a little more coverage for chilly weather. Make sure to suggest long-sleeve loungewear styles too, like this soft yet heavyweight raglan that will keep wearers warm and snuggly, day or night. This garment also provides high-end department store details, like its trendy raw edge.

Fleece Favorites

Young couple in relaxed-fit clothes

Next Level Apparel is proud to carry three different fleece collections, so you can tailor your sales presentations to each individual client’s needs.

  • Santa Cruz (Beach Fleece Collection)
    This fleece collection is 100% cotton faced, making it a decorator’s dream. If your clients want the most imprint options possible, steer them in the direction of these loungewear styles. The Santa Cruz collection keeps it understated yet bold like a skatewear brand, so you can expect a vivid solid color palette that allows your clients to create their own unique personalized look. 

The Unisex Santa Cruz Fleece Zip Hoodie (9602) is an ideal zip-up and available in an assortment of popular hues. If pullovers are more your client’s thing, suggest the Unisex Santa Cruz Fleece Pullover Hoodie (9303). The front pouch pocket makes it excellent for wearing out around town, as end-users can store wallets or keys easily. Lastly, the Unisex Santa Cruz Fleece Pocket Pullover (9001) is a fashion-forward pick. Plus, crews are always popular for the back-to-school season. 

  • Malibu (PCH Fleece Collection)
    While the Malibu fleece collection carries about the same weight as the Santa Cruz collection, the difference between them comes down to their trendiness. The Malibu collection really shines when it comes to fashion-forward details, such as its availability in trendy heathered colors, as well as retail-ready silhouettes and styles. 

Show your clients something new and unique, like the Unisex Malibu Fleece Bomber Jacket (9700). Recipients won’t hear that annoying “swishy” noise when jackets are worn, thanks to its super soft heathered fleece construction. The Women’s Malibu Fleece Raglan Zip Hoodie (9603) is ideal for a more laid-back look, and it can be thrown on top of Next Level’s tees and tanks too. Last but not least, don’t forget to showcase the Unisex Malibu Fleece Pullover (9302). Each of its stylish heathered hues will win the favor of clients, regardless of their sector. 

  • Laguna (French Terry Collection)

Loungewear doesn’t always need to be warm and heavy. In fact, clients in warm climates or those hosting promotional events during transitional seasons may dislike their loungewear feeling too weighted. For these situations, opt for the Laguna collection, made up of soft and lightweight French terry. With 12 color options to choose from, as well as color contrast on the hoodie cords, this loungewear collection is cool, playful and fun.

The Unisex Laguna Fleece Raglan Pullover (9000) is the perfect apparel item for end-users to take with them and throw on in case of a sudden chill. The Unisex Laguna Fleece Zip Hoodie (9601) boasts the same appeal, but with the convenience of a zip-up. As for those contrasting colors, recommend the Unisex Laguna Fleece Pullover Hoodie (9301). Available in 15+ color combinations, you’re sure to find one that fits your client’s brand guidelines.

Don’t Forget Joggers

Young man in relaxed fit clothes

The loungewear trend really rose to prominence with the popularity of matching sets, so it’s worthwhile to present a few bottoms too. Explain how end-users will pair their loungewear tops and bottoms together to turn into walking billboards for your client’s brand from head to toe. Joggers in particular are experiencing a surge in demand, so take advantage of the trend for the greatest sales success. The Men’s Denim Fleece Jogger (9800) comes in two versatile shades dominating the fashion world and provides all-day comfort. End-users will enjoy its perfect weight that’s warm without being too heavy, yet lightweight without being too cold.