Viral TikTok Brand, Nice Shirt, Thanks Co., Expands Business With Next Level Apparel

If you’re not on TikTok yet, you might have missed the latest viral decorated apparel sensation. We’re talking about Nice Shirt, Thanks Co. Created by best friends Mason Manning and Hayden Rankin, the small business turned viral TikTok brand began simply because the two pals needed a way to fund their cross-country road trip plans. With skills in both graphic design and comedy, the duo decided comedic decorated apparel was their pathway to success – and as time would prove, they were right.

The business plan for Nice Shirt, Thanks Co. is simple. Users log on to their website, select the apparel style they desire (currently, the brand offers tees, tanks, long-sleeves and sweatshirts in white only) and then fill out a wonderfully simple prompt where users are asked to describe the basic idea they are looking for. This is where the fun comes in.

While us in the promo world might think of descriptions such as “Charity run for X health initiative” or “Corporate sales award ceremony,” the users on TikTok are a bit more creative. Instead, you’ll find surreal and abstract requests like “I’d like a tiger playing a saxophone riding a human brain, please” or “sweet potato fries are the devil.” Just scroll through the brand’s TikTok feed and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

With 1.7 million likes on TikTok and counting, it’s clear the brand has tapped into a humorous area of opportunity. However, there are even more exciting changes coming for the company, thanks to a partnership with Next Level Apparel.

Check out these custom tees that Nice Shirt, Thanks Co. created for Next Level team members!

Check out these custom tees that Nice Shirt, Thanks Co. created for Next Level team members!

Curious about the duo’s success on TikTok and interested in expanding their brand reach on the growing social media platform as well, Next Level reached out to Manning and Rankin to see if they had ever considered printing on the supplier’s garments. Manning had, in fact, heard of the promo giant and had been recommended printing on their styles before. This serendipitous connection resulted in a new upcoming project for Nice Shirt, Thanks Co. – a gallery project, where predesigned shirts will be released as monthly capsule collections for purchase, all printed on Next Level favorites like the Unisex Cotton Crew T-Shirt (3600).

Keep an eye out for these hilarious rotating designs to be released soon. If we know one thing for sure, it’s that this social media-savvy brand has big things ahead. Hopefully one day, they’ll find the time to take that cross-country road trip too.