Vlog: Good/Better/Best – The Promo Apparel You Should Sell This Year

You want to make this year your strongest one yet for sales. Clothing supplier Next Level Apparel (asi/73867) wants to make that happen for you too. So, today we’re reviewing the “golden standard” of sales techniques: the Good, Better, Best method.

Don’t worry, we’re not just talking price points. Next Level knows that every customer you sell to will have different requirements for not only cost, but also decoration techniques, preferred fabrics, available colors, and so on. In this quick video, we’ll break down how to find your client’s perfect fit (pun intended) and fulfill orders for any project and price point that comes your way. Then, stay tuned for a rapid-fire Q&A with Eric Simsolo, VP of business development at Next Level Apparel, where we’ll answer any lingering questions you might still have.