Why Next Level’s Santa Cruz Fleece Is the Printer’s Go-To

You’ve heard about Next Level’s rebranded fleece collections, filled with soft and cozy styles that your clients can’t get enough of. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the Santa Cruz collection in particular. This popular fleece collection, known for its use of “the printer’s dream fabric,” is just the collection you need to know for impressive and innovative imprint methods. So, what about it exactly makes it so ideal for decoration?

Fleece printability chart

The Santa Cruz fleece fabric truly combines the best of both worlds. The garments themselves are made of a super soft 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, yet each piece features 100% cotton facing on the outside. This is important, as 100% cotton is the most versatile fabric when it comes to decoration, opening the door for more methods and techniques to be taken advantage of that simply couldn’t be on other garments.

Also important to note for decoration is the expansive color selection that this collection comes in. If your clients want to try trendy subtle tonal imprints or want to make company names and logos pop with contrasting colors, it’ll be easy to do. Inspired by the bright and colorful Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade to make your client’s next project steal the show.

Young couple in mauve sweaters

Another unique detail about the Santa Cruz collection is its natural-colored drawcords, contributing to the laid back, SoCal lifestyle these pieces were designed after. A little bit retro, a little bit academic, these fleece pieces are incredibly versatile in regard to not only how they can be decorated, but for which audiences they’ll appeal to. (Hint: It’s pretty much everyone).

Santa Cruz Styles:

  • Unisex Santa Cruz Pocket Sweatshirt (9001)
    Young woman in pocket sweatshirt
    Meet the quintessential pullover sweatshirt. Buttery soft and featuring a convenient large front pocket, end-users will love wearing this style at home or around town.
  • Unisex Santa Cruz Hoodie (9303)
    Young man in black hoodie
    There’s a lot to like about Next Level’s most popular Santa Cruz style. This classic hooded sweatshirt enjoys modern updates like a relaxed fit and cotton facing for optimal printability and breathability.
  • Unisex Santa Cruz Full Zip Hoodie (9602)
    Young man in full-zip hoodie
    The zip-up version of the 9303, this hoodie is both fashion-forward and constructed for maximum comfort and coziness.
  • Youth Santa Cruz Full Zip Hoodie (9103)
    Young boy in black hoodie
    Finally you can expand your sales presentations to include children’s apparel too. Only available in the Santa Cruz collection, be sure to ask your clients if they’ve considered investing in youth fleece.