Why You Can Trust Next Level Apparel Face Masks for Your Next Order

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, many distributors are pivoting to providing PPE (personal protective equipment) to their customers for the first time. While it’s a testament to our industry how quickly suppliers began offering these safety essentials, it also means many distributors are selling products they’re unfamiliar with or have never sold before. How do you know which products to present when you’re new to the product category?

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One solution is to work with a supplier you’re familiar with, who has a reputation for high-quality products and speedy turnaround times. That’s what Christina Adams, President of Gallery Collection, did. Her organization has been in business for over 30 years, so Adams is certainly no stranger to the promotional products space. However, when faced with a large request for 40,000 face masks for a huge account like the Girl Scouts of the United States of America, it was paramount she sourced the best products possible. For that, she turned to Next Level Apparel.

“Next Level Apparel face masks helped us because they have two-week turn times, so we could print them, logo them, label them, embroider them, bag them and get them out to the Girl Scouts on a tight turn, which was very helpful,” Adams said.

Adams noted she has been a Next Level Apparel customer for years, having purchased apparel like T-shirts from them for a long time. She was pleased to find that the quality of the face masks met her expectations based on previous Next Level Apparel orders.

“We love the quality, we love the fabric, we love the reusability. Our customers have given us very good feedback. We also love all the colors we are able to order … and that (Next Level Apparel) has options for both youth and for adults. Many companies are only making adult sizes.”

And as for the Girl Scouts?

“The project went well. The customer was happy, especially because we were able to turn it fast.”

The next time you’re faced with a mask order, consider following in Adams’ footsteps and turning to a supplier partner you already know and trust. With a wide range of face masks and neck gaiter options for both children and adults, Next Level Apparel is sure to have what your clients are looking for and quality you can count on.